Being ignored sucks right? Some will literally say silence is the best answer to a fool, while some will preferably say silence is golden but the truth of the matter is that it hurts really bad when someone you love or someone who claims to love you ignores you without saying a word. What do you do when a man ignores you? Some really don’t know what to do, some might even begin to blame themselves for the blackout ouch is not worth it especially if you’ve done nothing wrong. Below are somethings worth doing when being ignored by a man?

  • Ignore him, though this might sound stupid but what point is it forcing yourself where you belong not? If he likes you well enough he will ask you what the problem is, is not every guy that likes a girl who can be easily seduced or girls who chase after men. Be sure to always find a middle ground and so not go too extreme. There is no reason to give attention to one who doesn’t recognize your existence.

  • Be sure of yourself, know who you are, what you want and what you’re worth. Adopt a posture that highlights you, your back straight with your head held high. Let your fashion speak of you I mean the real you. You’re a woman and you ought to trust in yourself and be ready to show it. Don’t let an external force define you. You may not truly know the man in and out but he also might not truly know all about you, so you have to be sure of yourself to enable him know what he is dealing with.

  • Judge not too fast, is really not so good to quickly jump into conclusion on the reason why he ignores you. There could be many reasons for that, that he ignores you might not necessarily mean he’s not interested in you and it does not necessarily define who he really is, he could have been: shy, been in a serious relationship but just looking out for a fling, be looking for a woman with another quality or he is yet to define what he want in a woman or he is trying to understand your kind of person. So is really not so wise to judge a book by its cover.

  • Do not wait after him, continue to live your life just as you’ve been doing before you noticed it. It is not up to you to put his nose in order, there’s no need siting close to phone and waiting for his calls or texts.

  • Some will say taste the map of jealousy, when a other guys come to you do not push them back, stay polite and courteous. If the man ignoring you doesn’t know you but like you he will find you well educated and above all that you like other men so he will have a click that will cause him to react quickly enough he does not lose his chances with you.

  • Be natural and desirable, no matter your morphology like all women you must have a secret weapon that makes men crack, it could be your eyes, your silhouette or your smile make sure to highlight your assets. Be natural and desirable by choosing clothing that suits you and that highlights you. Please do not dress to kill or impress. Stay true to yourself and avoid doing or wearing what you are not used to doing or wearing.

Note: the more natural you’re, the more likely you are that a man will cease to ignore you. To be natural does not mean to tie wrapper across your burst and hit the street.

If you apply this principles with common sense when a man ignores you, sure you will have the answers to your questions. It will become obvious to you if he ignores you because he is not interested in you or if he is the shy type, or if is part of his techniques of seduction. Kindly share your opinion with us on the comment box below.