Serena Flaunts baby Bump at Disney’s Animal Kingdom(Queen of the jungle)

American tennis player, Serena  Williams recently stepped out  flaunting her baby bump during a sneak peek at Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Lake Buena Vista, Florida recently.

The world’s No. 1-ranked player and reigning Australian Open champion, explored the newest themed land opening May 27 at Walt Disney World Resort.

Images below shows her beautiful baby bump in chosen outfit


Ifeanyi Uba to remain in custody till 25th May. 

A federal high court sitting in Lagos south west Nigeria today adjourned till 25 May, to decide whether to grant detained businessman Dr. Ifeanyi Uba bail or not.

Ubah is currently being detained by the Department of State Security Service (DSS) for alleged economic sabotage, by diverting NNPC petroleum products kept in his tank farm.

NNPC lawyer, Mr. K. T. Turaki (SAN), revealed this while urging the court to strike out the application filed by Ubah seeking his release from the custody of DSS.

Turaki averred that the NNPC had in the past two years being subjected to various investigations, particularly the issue of fuel diversion, adding that NNPC has a duty to inform the investigating agencies where fuel were kept as disclosed on pmnewsnigeria. 

Mrs Isioma Esom who happens to be Uba’s lawyer urgues that the said debt arose from a contract, which she said should have nothing with criminal offence. She went further to let the court know that the NNPC is currently owing her client’s firm, Capital Oil and Gas Limited, the sum of N10 billion and $8 million USD.

Nigerian Video director allegedly poisons girl friend (with her money) to abort pregnancy 

Olaolu Akorede a ​28-year-old Nigerian guy has been arrested by security operatives in Ajah, Lagos state. The guy was identified as the video director of Hg2films who allegedly poisoned his pregnant girlfriend to terminated her pregnancy,  he has been picked up by security operatives for allegedly poisoning his girlfriend. According to the video director had given Halimat, his pregnant girlfriend, some harmful herbal liquid to drink. Akorede had told the unsuspecting lady that the mixture was a treatment for diabetics. Taking the harmful herbal mixture however terminated Halimat’s pregnancy and damaged her fallopian tube as well. She filed a petition through her counsel and got Akorede arrested. Halimat stated that she gave the said guy 2.5m to prepare for their wedding from which he took money to prepare her the concotion that almost killed her. 

Japan’s Princess Mako is giving up her royal status — all in the name of love.

The Imperial Household tells CNN plans are underway for the 25-year-old princess, granddaughter of Emperor Akihito, to become engaged to Kei Komuro, also 25, a law firm worker and graduate student who once starred in a tourism campaign as “Prince of the Sea.” 

The couple were said to have met five years back as students at the International Christian University in Tokyo.

Japan’s centuries-old imperial law requires a princess to leave the imperial family upon marriage to a commoner.

The last to do so was Princess Mako’s aunt, Sayako, the only daughter of Emperor Akhito, when she married town planner Yoshiki Kuroda in 2005.

Facebook’s Credibility is Important to the company 

Facebook Inc said on Tuesday it would refund some advertisers after finding a bug that wrongly attributed video carousel ad clicks as clicks to the advertisers’ websites.

When users tried to expand and watch the video carousel on the mobile web browser, the bug inadvertently directed the click to the advertiser’s website, leading to incorrect billing. Imagine requesting for chicken and being billed for pizza 


Is over 5 months that many Nigerians lost fortune on the notorious ponzi schemes, few Nigerians were sensitive not to venture into such schemes but the over zealous majority saw them as week @ heart who weren’t strong enough to venture into serious investment.  Most of these zealous moguls convinced themselves that investment is all about taking risk!

Correct, you’re right here because investment involves risk. But there are risks that are stupid and foolish,  it can just be likened to using a head bridge,  because there’s traffic jam on the head bridge you now choose to jump into the river just to swim across in bit to avoid traffic jam whereas you don’t know how to swim neither do you have a boat.

Am not trying to cajole anybody here just trying to help us understand the source of the problem and provide solution to it.

Source of the Problem

  1. Quest to get rich quick without work.

  2. Greed.

  3. Laziness. 

  4. Lack of vision.

  5. Ignorance. 

  6. Conformity just because others are doing. 


Structure of a good business that has come to stay.

The best solution is to move on, forget the loss I know is not easy but the best is yet to come, having stumbled into this write up shows that there’s a silver lining. 
1. Get rich quick schemes doesn’t work.
2. There’s no how you can reap where you didn’t sow. 
3. Money doubling schemes are fake.
4. To make money transaction must go on, is either you sell goods or services then you make money or you leverage on other people’s transactions. 
5. If you have a mobile phone and you’re not making money from it, you need to wake up.
6. Internet is not full of scams, you make your choice on what to do on the internet.
7. You need to get connected with the right people and the right business. 
8. Get a positive mindset try to watch this life transforming video

Mandla Hlashwayo’s death Reminds South Africans of Lucky Dube

South Africans express grieve on the loss of their own Mandla Hlashwayo a TV personality who was gunned down at Pimville pub on Sunday night.  Many blamed his death on lawless state of the country while his death reminds some of the legend Lucky Dube, some twitts that 

        “crime is out of control cos the laws protects criminal ”

Good number of them drop condolence messages on the late man’s Twitte handle