Temperament is the combination of traits one inherited from ones parents. Some said it can be found in the mind or emotional center.

There are basically four types of temperaments- though there can be other types which are called brands of temperament and they are gotten from the combination of one or more of the major four, there are twelve brands of temperaments but it will be enlisted on the next article. No single individual is fully characterized by just one of the temperament, an individual can possess two or more of the temperament depending on the family background, environment or level of education and association. Below in enlisted the major four, their strengths and weaknesses.


  1. SANGUINE– Mr. sanguine is a super extrovert, outgoing, responsive, warm and friendly, talkative, enthusiastic, compassionate, he knows how to make everyone around him feel important. One major characteristics of this man is that his mouth enters a room or a compound before his body, before you see him he has seen you, he can easily be noticed or recognized, before you introduce him he has already introduced himself.

Weakness– lacks discipline, emotionally unstable, unproductive, egocentric, and so hyperbolic or exaggerates too much.


  1. Choleric– Mr. choleric is strong-willed, independent, visionary, practical, productive, decisive, a leader, self-sufficient, an extrovert, fearless, needs no stimulation from his environment rather stimulates his environment himself. One of his major characteristics is that he strongly believe that there can always be a solution so long as you do something positive about it.

Weakness– unforgiving, domineering, sarcastic, he can be termed an opportunist, angry, cruel, cold and unemotional, he hardly show sympathy.


  1. Melancholy– Mr. melancholy is highly gifted, analytical, aesthetic, self-sacrificing, industrious, self-disciplined. He enjoys works of art, the richest of all the temperaments, he can be an introvert or an extrovert depending on his mood, hardly express his true feelings as the desire to be loved, hardly makes friends be a very faithful one if he becomes one. Majorly characterized by his perfectionist nature, as we wants everything to be placed orderly as organized as possible.

Weakness– moody (mood swings), self-centered, persecution-prone, revengeful, touchy, theoretical, unsociable a times, critical, negative at times, can easily get depressed but most enriched with potentials when motivated.


  1. Phlegmatic– Mr. phlegmatic is the most likeable of all the temperaments as he hardly gets angry, easy-going, calm, quiet, dependable, objective, diplomatic, efficient, organized, practical, humorous, he possess a well-balanced temperament, natural peace maker, can be a good imitator, when motivated into action always gives in the best, has dry sense of humor. His major characteristics is his consistency ability and never seems to be agitated.

Weaknesses-unmotivated, procrastinator, selfish, stingy, self-protective, indecisive, fearful, worrier.


It is worthy of note that no temperament is better than the other and understanding you partners temperament will go a long way in helping you understand why he/she acts in a certain way. Their weakness is not there for you to use it against them but for you to understand, accommodate and join effort with them to live above those weaknesses, learn to appreciate their enormous strengths as you have seen for yourself no human being is living without a fault. All temperaments are habitable though some are more compatible than another but if you have already made your choice live well with it. Thank you so much for your time, if you have contributions to make kindly use the comment section and to also ask a question. For counseling join our facebook page at zigastimeout, send a direct message (dm) to the page for quick response, Ziga and her team will be ever willing and ready to assist.



Anger Management



ANGER IS a feeling, a strong unhappy feeling of being treated unfairly. It is an uncomfortable feeling where by one can be unable to relax.

Anger being a feeling can be controlled, you can choose to control your feeling or allow your feeling control you.

The way someone responds to anger is all about the person’s mindset, the person’s environment and the person’s sense of reasoning in respect to maturity and level of exposure. It takes maturity for a husband to understand that when his wife calls him an idiot that the wife is equally calling herself an idiot for marrying an idiot because is only an idiot that will get married to an idiot. It also takes a higher level of exposure to understand that the illiterate bus conductor who calls you Ode for not alighting fast from his bus did so because he has been eaten up by frustration, so turning back to give him back his dose only denote that you down grade yourself to his level of frustration or you step up to a higher level of maturity and move on as the name calling Ode did not add nor remove any value from your personality.

Controlling anger has so much to do one a person’s level of understanding, some certain aspect of ones level of exposure, having the right mindset, possessing love and being controlled by love. Controlling anger has nothing to do with age. Controlling anger is like having control over your feeling for instance if you’re highly disciplined no matter how hungry you feel, you can never stoop low to steal food. If am right that means you can easily control hunger and not allow is to destroy your self-image, so in the same way you can equally choose to control your feeling of anger and have it not destroy your self-image.

Getting angry over a spilt milk is a total waste of precious energy which could have been invested elsewhere. Yes! The milk has been spilt is that it has been spilt there’s nothing you can do about the spilt milk to reverse it all because you have no control over it, so do you not equally have control over some certain actions and the highest you can do is to make yourself another milk, if is myself I will personally make a more quality milk this time around.


To effectively have control over anger there are some anger management courses you can opt in for but below I have some tips one can embrace to control anger and most of the tips are equally used my anger management coaches.

  1. Stop, stop whatever that it is making you angry, if is a discussion or argument stop it. At this point you don’t have to lose control of your fist, instead of hitting somebody you can hit the wall or blow the air
  2. Give yourself space from the heat of the argument, as you tried to stop what’s making you angry, get yourself out from that environment because the more you stay there the more likely you’re to lose control. You can even take a stroll, listen to good music and try refocusing your mind towards things that make you happy.
  3. Breathe deeply, taking a deep breathe can help you calm your nerves. Counting numbers can help you while embarking on this exercise.
  4. Analyze your cause of anger, when you must been in a relaxed state of mind try analyzing the cause of the problem as that will enable you to define the problem and know the cause of the outburst at times you might even realize that you were the one at fault.
  5. Solve and move on, if the fault is from you apologize make peace and move on, if not let the other party know where they’ve wronged you and open up to forgive them as well and move on, please this life is too short to be angry over anything.


The utmost way to have control over anger is to have self-love which will enable you to rightly place yourself in the other person’s situation and also enable you to see things from love perspective rather than from hate perspective. There various method and approaches one can use to control anger, please share what works well for you on the comment box.


Being ignored sucks right? Some will literally say silence is the best answer to a fool, while some will preferably say silence is golden but the truth of the matter is that it hurts really bad when someone you love or someone who claims to love you ignores you without saying a word. What do you do when a man ignores you? Some really don’t know what to do, some might even begin to blame themselves for the blackout ouch is not worth it especially if you’ve done nothing wrong. Below are somethings worth doing when being ignored by a man?

  • Ignore him, though this might sound stupid but what point is it forcing yourself where you belong not? If he likes you well enough he will ask you what the problem is, is not every guy that likes a girl who can be easily seduced or girls who chase after men. Be sure to always find a middle ground and so not go too extreme. There is no reason to give attention to one who doesn’t recognize your existence.

  • Be sure of yourself, know who you are, what you want and what you’re worth. Adopt a posture that highlights you, your back straight with your head held high. Let your fashion speak of you I mean the real you. You’re a woman and you ought to trust in yourself and be ready to show it. Don’t let an external force define you. You may not truly know the man in and out but he also might not truly know all about you, so you have to be sure of yourself to enable him know what he is dealing with.

  • Judge not too fast, is really not so good to quickly jump into conclusion on the reason why he ignores you. There could be many reasons for that, that he ignores you might not necessarily mean he’s not interested in you and it does not necessarily define who he really is, he could have been: shy, been in a serious relationship but just looking out for a fling, be looking for a woman with another quality or he is yet to define what he want in a woman or he is trying to understand your kind of person. So is really not so wise to judge a book by its cover.

  • Do not wait after him, continue to live your life just as you’ve been doing before you noticed it. It is not up to you to put his nose in order, there’s no need siting close to phone and waiting for his calls or texts.

  • Some will say taste the map of jealousy, when a other guys come to you do not push them back, stay polite and courteous. If the man ignoring you doesn’t know you but like you he will find you well educated and above all that you like other men so he will have a click that will cause him to react quickly enough he does not lose his chances with you.

  • Be natural and desirable, no matter your morphology like all women you must have a secret weapon that makes men crack, it could be your eyes, your silhouette or your smile make sure to highlight your assets. Be natural and desirable by choosing clothing that suits you and that highlights you. Please do not dress to kill or impress. Stay true to yourself and avoid doing or wearing what you are not used to doing or wearing.

Note: the more natural you’re, the more likely you are that a man will cease to ignore you. To be natural does not mean to tie wrapper across your burst and hit the street.

If you apply this principles with common sense when a man ignores you, sure you will have the answers to your questions. It will become obvious to you if he ignores you because he is not interested in you or if he is the shy type, or if is part of his techniques of seduction. Kindly share your opinion with us on the comment box below.


By Ziga

A good relationship is when two people accept each other’s past, support each other’s present, and love each other enough to encourage each other’s future. So don’t rush love, find a partner who encourages you to grow, who won’t ding to you, who will let you go out into the world, and trust that you will come back. This is what true love is all about and it’s always worth the wait.


A relationship means you come together to make each other better. It’s not all about you, and it’s not all about them. It’s all about us, it’s all about the relationship. Support them in their dream, vision just as much as you would expect them to support you. Make each other better, challenge each other to go beyond average. Pull out the greatness from within each other. Make sure they can find their biggest fan in you and you can find yours in them…….. Trent Shelton.
 Here are some warning actions below which clearly comes up when he is not meant for you. The points can also be applicable to female when she’s not into you but you ought to understand that 80% of the guys don’t value girls that chase after them. 
* He only contacts you at night, sweetheart you’re not valued 

  • He follows you not on social media

  • He just meet you and wants you to come over and chill or wants to come over to chill. 

  • Please come over my parents aren’t home. Run! 

  • He doesn’t let you touch his phone, if his phone is always faced down when dropped on the table. 

  • If he doesn’t save your number

  • If you’re only remembered when he is drunk

  • If he can go for days without talking to you, like two to three days…sweetheart you’re not on his level.  

  • When he always gives you non tangible excuse for avoiding communication with you.  

  • If he distance himself from you in public but gets close to you indoors…sweetheart he is a fuckboy

  • If he has so much thirsty girls around him. 

  • When issues come up they always put the blame on you even when they’re at fault,  they never accepts their mistakes and takes no responsibility for their actions. 

  • Watch how he treats his mother, if is not good don’t expect him to perform magic

  • If he has no plan for his future,  Do you really need a guy who cares not about his future and personality. 

  • He choose not to define the relationship,  even after weeks and days passby.

  • You’ve been in relationship for years and he doesn’t like title,  like seriously?  Who does?  Find someone who does.  

  • When he withdraws himself for no good reason, you can choose to ask what the problem is but always remember that a good guy is suppose to go after what he want not the other way round.  

  • If everyone tells you that he is a flirt, sweetheart everyone can’t be lying as every rumour has an atom of truth so ask yourself a sincere question. 

 Finally is worthy of note that when a guy want you he will tell you and also act it not just words alone, he will make it obvious through various means, be sure to identify the kind of want he want as he can equally want you just for sex alone and nothing more. The above list is not the final say and might not really be complete kindly add your own view or experience as I will learn a lot from it likewise others. 


A 19-year-old Student falls in love with a 52-year-old lover who added her on Facebook, She says they’ll MARRY not minding the 33-year age gap. 

By Ziga

Selma a teaching student from Munden, Germany, fell for her lover after they worked together briefly – and he then pursued her on social media. 
The teenager was just 18 when Maik sent her friend request on Facebook, sending her countless messages.

Love they say sees no age as Selma Teichmann ,19, from Munden, Germany, first met her boyfriend, Maik Lier, 52, after they worked together. They’ve now been dating for a year
Eventually, Selma says she engaged in chats with him and ‘bit by bit’, their friendship began to turn to love. 
After three months of writing to each other, they met up again in person and have now been inseparable for a year, despite strong disapproval from her family.  
After keeping it from her relatives for six months, Selma revealed the age of her boyfriend to family – and they’ve barely spoken to her ever since.  
Selma explains: ‘For Maik it was love at first sight and after a few days, he sent me a friend request on Facebook. Then he started writing to me.’
She adds: ‘At the beginning I didn’t answer a lot of his emails. He was very stubborn and continued writing to me every day. 
Step by step, I opened up to him and we wrote messages about anything and everything.’

The incomprehension of my family is the most difficult thing for us; they don’t accept Maik and this has destroyed the contact between them and me…

Selma Teichmann 

She said she gradually fall in love with him, something which she tried to deny at first. ‘I hid my feelings, because I wouldn’t admit it to myself.
‘After three months only writing, we met each other. From this day on, we knew that we belong together.
She says their love is born out of many creative interests:  ‘We speak the same language and have similar interests, such as music and drawing. 
‘We thought about this huge age gap in the beginning, but for both of us, it was no problem. Our feelings were stronger.’

While their connection has grown ever stronger, Selma’s estrangement from her family, who strongly disapprove of their relationship, has also grown. 
They have tried to split them up on many occasions and the couple are still trying to prove their love is real.
‘For half a year we hid our relationship, as my mother suspected more behind the relationship between Maik and I, so I talked to her,’ she said.
‘Since this point, our family connection is problematic. Currently I live with Maik, because they don’t accept our relationship and try to keep us apart.

‘Maik has no contact with his family. His best friend and my friends accept and tolerate our relationship.
‘The incomprehension of my family is the most difficult thing for us; they don’t accept Maik and this has destroyed the contact between them and me.
Selma says she’s currently not speaking to her family – but that they hope they’ll be able to talk them around to their relationship eventually.
She says: ‘We want to show everybody that we are happy in this relationship and that age gap relationships are nothing to hide.
‘Love has no age, no limits, no labels. Love is love. No matter what they think or say. Everybody has the right to be in love.
‘This year we will move in together officially. For the future we are thinking about getting married and starting a family.’ What love 💘 has joined together let no man put asunder!

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Denrele responds to a social media user who compared him to Bobrisky and questioned his reason for going low key.

A social media user with the name Aniejayz wealth took to Twitter to question Denrele’s career over Bobrisky, she also questioned his reason for being on low key since Bobrisky’s emergence. 
“Please how is Denrele’s career since d emergence of Bobrisky. Denrele went LOW key?  No offence #JustAsking” she asked. 

And Denrele gave her a perfect response without taking an offence just as she requested. Here’s his response “Madam Evaluation of Career Analysis, weh done MA!

Just so u know, I’m in the MEDIA INDUSTRY which is totally alien to ur “emergence” comparison. And by LOW KEY, u mean: Longevity Of Warriorlike Knowledge (in) Entertainment YesAbility, abi?”

Denrele’s fans took out time to give the evaluator perfect response for her question 😃 



It has been reported that pornhub has been hit by hack which means that internet users who visit pornhub could have contracted a malicious virus. This secret virus runs like an advert on a free pornography site and has been running for over a year. It works by secretly entering people’s computer and having their system taken over, without the knowledge of the user. This problem has been running quietly for over a year though effort has been made to shut it down as soon as it was discovered but it is now obvious that the shutdown was not of a success. This malware could spread its damages across the internet.

The virus advert will pose itself as if it is updating a browser or an operating system, once clicked on will install itself automatically. As the virus contaminates a system, it incurs debt by clicking automatically on fake ads on behalf of the user, it could get worse by taking from the users data (increasing mobile data consumption) and using the mobile user’s access to commit fraud on the internet. It can also steal information. This hack could come from other sites but porn site visitors are more vulnerable as so many adults visit the sites and will be less likely to report such attacks as not to expose their little secret.

wp-image-1938016916If you’re not already infected with this deadly virus on your mobile device please be not a victim with the aid of this information.