A 19-year-old Student falls in love with a 52-year-old lover who added her on Facebook, She says they’ll MARRY not minding the 33-year age gap. 

Selma a teaching student from Munden, Germany, fell for her lover after they worked together briefly – and he then pursued her on social media. 
The teenager was just 18 when Maik sent her friend request on Facebook, sending her countless messages.

Love they say sees no age as Selma Teichmann ,19, from Munden, Germany, first met her boyfriend, Maik Lier, 52, after they worked together. They’ve now been dating for a year
Eventually, Selma says she engaged in chats with him and ‘bit by bit’, their friendship began to turn to love. 
After three months of writing to each other, they met up again in person and have now been inseparable for a year, despite strong disapproval from her family.  
After keeping it from her relatives for six months, Selma revealed the age of her boyfriend to family – and they’ve barely spoken to her ever since.  
Selma explains: ‘For Maik it was love at first sight and after a few days, he sent me a friend request on Facebook. Then he started writing to me.’
She adds: ‘At the beginning I didn’t answer a lot of his emails. He was very stubborn and continued writing to me every day. 
Step by step, I opened up to him and we wrote messages about anything and everything.’

The incomprehension of my family is the most difficult thing for us; they don’t accept Maik and this has destroyed the contact between them and me…

Selma Teichmann 

She said she gradually fall in love with him, something which she tried to deny at first. ‘I hid my feelings, because I wouldn’t admit it to myself.
‘After three months only writing, we met each other. From this day on, we knew that we belong together.
She says their love is born out of many creative interests:  ‘We speak the same language and have similar interests, such as music and drawing. 
‘We thought about this huge age gap in the beginning, but for both of us, it was no problem. Our feelings were stronger.’

While their connection has grown ever stronger, Selma’s estrangement from her family, who strongly disapprove of their relationship, has also grown. 
They have tried to split them up on many occasions and the couple are still trying to prove their love is real.
‘For half a year we hid our relationship, as my mother suspected more behind the relationship between Maik and I, so I talked to her,’ she said.
‘Since this point, our family connection is problematic. Currently I live with Maik, because they don’t accept our relationship and try to keep us apart.

‘Maik has no contact with his family. His best friend and my friends accept and tolerate our relationship.
‘The incomprehension of my family is the most difficult thing for us; they don’t accept Maik and this has destroyed the contact between them and me.
Selma says she’s currently not speaking to her family – but that they hope they’ll be able to talk them around to their relationship eventually.
She says: ‘We want to show everybody that we are happy in this relationship and that age gap relationships are nothing to hide.
‘Love has no age, no limits, no labels. Love is love. No matter what they think or say. Everybody has the right to be in love.
‘This year we will move in together officially. For the future we are thinking about getting married and starting a family.’ What love 💘 has joined together let no man put asunder!

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