HIV/AIDS, the mindset

 By Evan 

Human immunodeficiency virus is no longer news to an average adult, at a point  I thought that the disease exist no longer and I believe not to be alone on this thought but with what we see in news few days with Nigeria ranking the second largest on HIV outbreak I can now be termed wrong. HIV is a disease for special kind of people, it respects no class or age, what I mean by special kind of people is that the disease is designed for people who respects not their body though am not oblivious of the fact that there are some innocent people who become victims due to negligence, carelessness or ignorance. HIV virus first used in 1986 is a retrovirus that infects and destroy body system causing marked reduction of T cells of the immune system. HIV disease can be controlled and managed, the control of this disease is the duty of you and I whether you’re HIV positive or negative, whether you’re atheist, Christian or Muslim.

HIV is a virus that weakens the immune system exposing the body system to danger of any available disease that flies in the air. When the virus successfully kills the immune system it can now be said that a person is suffering from AIDS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome first used in 1982 which happens to be a disease of human immune system characterized by vulnerability of body system to any disease that pass by as the immune system has already be weakened, at this stage any disease no matter how minor can easily affect and kill the victim.

The purpose of this article is not really just to talk about HIV and AIDS but to talk about our behavior and mindset towards it. This is a virus and being tested positive of this particular virus does not guarantee your visit to hell and being tested negative of this virus does not also guarantee your visit to heaven. A video some time ago was on circulation on social media where a beautiful young lady openly confessed being positive and how it feels uncomfortable to be living on drugs on that note she advised those who are negative to remain negative while she advised those who tested positive of the virus to always take good care of their selves by sticking to proper and right medication that manages the virus. On this note is becoming obvious that contracting the virus is not the end of the world, in life we are all bound to make mistakes, making the mistake is not a problem but what becomes one is sticking to the mistake and wallowing in it. A person who has this virus can live the same number of years he has been destined to live so long as the person is taking proper care of himself with good medication and attention, it is now believed that malaria kills faster than HIV, so can you see that HIV is really not a problem when tested positive but the attitude of the person who tested positive and the attitude of people around him.

If you’ve been tested positive please desist from infecting others with it, in this way you save yourself the harm of contracting more virus and diseases as HIV is not the only STD. many years ago a beautiful young woman tested positive and when the sad news was given to her, instead of having sober reflection on her life, she vowed to share the virus to as much people as she can before dying…Is her attitude right before humanity? When you go about causing harm for people, you’re deeply creating and causing more harm for yourself in all spheres. Having read the story of this young woman I need not to tell you who is still free of the virus to be careful and give it all you can not to entangle yourself sexually with everyone you come across as HIV no dey show for face. The amazing thing is that the chances of contracting this virus are well known and can be avoided.

  1. Avoid sexual contact in premarital and extramarital affairs, be faithful to your spouse. If a single fellow can afford to sleep with you outside marriage what guarantee you that he/she will not sleep with another?
  2. Blood should be screened thoroughly at different intervals before transfusion.
  3. Sterilize sharp objects before use if possible stick to new ones.
  4. As a health worker always wear your gloves (original quality please not this fake am seeing around)
  5. Objects that get in contact with body fluid should be personalized.
  6. Know your HIV status, get tested to know where you stand and if one positive side get immediate medical attention and commence normal sustenance process.


Finally remember HIV and AIDS does not show on the face please and the best remedy in life is prevention which leads to the popular saying prevention is better than cure. It is necessary not segregate against people living with HIV because they need love, and friendship from people around them as no man is an Ireland. Please if you’re living with aids be sure to inform your close friends as that will assist your relationship and enable you both to support each other the most. Always have it at the back of your mind that some HIV patients are victims of circumstance and require much love than you can imagine. Please if you have contributions to make kindly share with is using the comment box below.




Author: Ziga

I am an adventurous entrepreneur who loves adding value. I love media and everything good about it. I am a Social Media Strategist, Counselor and a Peace Lover.

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