Amazingly delicious Plantain Plantain

By Evan

​Plantain is a nutrient filled fruit that provide many vitamins and minerals which can equally be a great substitute for other foods like rice and potatoes. It belong to banana family fondly called cooking bananas or banana cultivars. It contains more of starch and less sugar than bananas, plantain is mistaken my some to be the highest source of iron but that’s mere exaggeration. It is healthy and an energy giving food perfect for all weather. Plantain can be used for various purposes both the sterm, the leaves, the flowers and the bud. 

Plantain is an edible fruit that can be eaten raw or cooked depending on one’s environment, in terms of preparing it for eating it can be done in various ways as
1. It can be roasted to be called dodo or bole, the roasting can be for both ripe or unripe which can be eaten with sweet groundnut and diluted with sweet yogurt. Roasted plantain can also be used in local beans mixture with red oil and pepper, it can also be consumed with red oil and pepper. 

  1. It can be fried whether ripe or unripe. Unripe when fried is called pekere or plantain chips, very delicious and considered to be among Nigerian number one snacks. The ripe one when fried can be consumed with pap, rice, beans, oat, and bread or can be eaten alone depending on one’s preference.

  1. Plantain can be boiled with ordinary water and eaten with oil, sauce or stew.

  2. It can be cooked together with beans porridge, the plantain will be added when the beans is done, amazingly delicious.

  3. Plantain can be chopped into pieces and cooked in porridge form with dried fish or smoked fish.

  4. Ripe plantain can be prepared into pudding.


Plantain is a very delicious food and can be eaten in different ways by different people depending on one’s geographical location. 

Plantain can be processed into flour to turn plantain flour which can equally be used for different purposes but mostly used locally in Nigeria to prepare swallow. Just as human beings enjoy eating plantain some animals also enjoy eating it a good example is goat.
The awesome food plantain contain different nutrients which are essential for human development and some nutrients present in plantain include: carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugar, protein, fat, water, calories, (vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and little beta-carotene mostly dominant in unripe plantain).
Now you have read with your eyes what plantain can do and different methods it can be prepared and eaten, so go on and try out different recipes for yourself. If you don’t eat plantain you are really missing out so be sure to try it out before you exit this planet earth. If you have other ways to prepare and eat plantain please share with us on the comment box.



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