Social Media Integrity

Maintain your integrity on social media just as you will do on a real life scene

Social media is more than just a platform for social interactions. It is a platform for fun, to meet new people and interact with both old and new friends across the globe. It is what you put up for us on social media that we believe that is exactly why we can boldly say that you should not believe all that you see on social media not even social media alone but media in general. Some people put up fake identity, and some put up real identity.  Lots of people are on social media for different purposes, some are in for business, and some are in to while away time, some are in to seek popularity, some are in to seek solace but not minding your reason for being on social media integrity is always integrity everywhere.

Integrity cannot be bought and it cannot be sold rather it can be built. On social media everyone is a rock star just as seen in the movies but that is not really a good reason to bring up some dirty linen up on the platform most especially when you have a genuine purpose of living your life. In as much as we are clamoring for so much attention on the media, for more likes, more friends, more popularity to become the top most rock star, it is all good but never be misguided.  

There is this Popular saying in Nigerian movies, the scene of police officer coming to arrest victim and it goes thus, “you may choose to remain silent as whatever you say from now will be used against in the court of law” and my point drives down to social media, whatever you post as picture, comment, status and lots more can be used against you in ways that you might not really like.

It is an obvious fact that nobody knows tomorrow, no matter the level of civilization we have advanced to that English word stigma, dent, and tarnish are still functional and no plan is being made to abolish them in a hurry from the face of the earth. It is better to say am glad I didn’t do it than to say I wish didn’t do it.

The same applies to people we meet online not minding that it is quite difficult these days to differentiate between road side mechanics from mad people on the street, it is always good to give people benefits of doubt rather than being too fast to jump into conclusion. I have meet great business partners online, I have meet great mentors, coach, friends now family, motivators and also great clowns on social media. 
To maintain and build integrity on social media always apply common sense. On this note I validly don’t see any reason why a sane young man and woman will choose to go unclad for a pre-wedding shot.

Life on social media is not quite different from real life activity, what you know you can’t sanely do in the society or on the street please avoid doing it on social media. We are in a digital era but let’s remember that digitization did not actually come to replace our brains but to enhance it and make life much fun, easier, and happier for us.


Author: Ziga

I am an adventurous entrepreneur who loves adding value. I love media and everything good about it. I am a Social Media Strategist, Counselor and a Peace Lover.

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