Husband slaughter

Ambiguity is when something doesn’t have a single clear meaning,  when there are multiple meaning to an action . This is exactly how some people’s lives are, imagine someone saying things like “wakeup sleep” “leave and stay” “come go” and the likes. How can someone mean two opposing words at the same time? I can only deduce but one meaning to such a statement which is that the speaker is confused,  in fact the speaker is a confusionist who is not even aware of his state of confusion.  And the message such a person pass across will always yield the fruit of confusion.  So permit me to say that when a man (or a woman as the case maybe)  is with one man and is eying another that such a fellow is confused and doesn’t know what he really want. 

There is no need beating about the bush and there’s no need pretending to care when actually you don’t. There are mysteries surrounding this life and in this part of the world, it should be no news that a man is caught cheating on his spouse. Am not justifying or encouraging infidelity in marriage but am here to clearly put some things right. When a man cheats on his wife knowing that such act will only bring hurt and pain to the wife, there’s always a reason for that which could be
It simply mean that the man has no respect for the wife. 

The man has no more regards for the relationship 

That the man is under a spell

There’s something unpardonable the wife is doing

That the man is an irresponsible fellow who keeps a bunch of irresponsible friends. 

Same goes for woman
In marriage if you find yourself in such situation there are whole lots of things you can do which includes not killing your husband. You can only have the heart to kill someone you don’t love, so don’t marry a man you hate and can’t stand taking shits from. Killing is an inhuman act and not expected from human.


What you should do when you eventually end up with a cheating Spouse? 

  1. If you really love your spouse,  love him more, talk to him to know what the problem is. If he opens up sure you’re already one step ahead finding solution. 

  2. Improve in yourself where you’re found wanting,  find out what you’re not doing right and right your wrong.

  3. For someone under a spell, the spell sure need to be broken which you can’t do carnally and the only way I know is through prayers. Go down on your knees if only you wish or desire to save your marriage whether you’re the husband or the wife. And you who is casting spell on people’s husband what if is you? 

  4. For an irresponsible fellow,  if you’re single I pray you meet not one but if you already have one you still pray for him and seek help from the council of elders. 

  5. Then the final solution is if you feel that the above solutions are too tasking and demanding for you,  kindly pack up and leave. It is not by force to take shits in the first place and you weren’t forced or chained into the marriage either,  so if you can’t take that nonsense any longer stay clear,  park up and leave. 

  6. The final optional solution is, if you think you can’t do any of the above then stay back and silently take those shits without complaining but remember that killing the fellow is not an option at all and you getting yourself killed is equally not even an option either.
    My message to you reading this is kindly desist from cheating on your spouse but if you feel you can’t stay faithful any longer, kindly leave quietly and peacefully rather than subjecting your spouse or yourself to an object of ridicule.  The content of this article is strongly an opinion which is considered to bring solution to spouse killings but if you feel otherwise kindly comment your own opinion below as it will be highly appreciated.   
    Below is a social media trending image of Maryam who stabbed her husband to death for suspected cheating only to appear before the law courth with Holy Koran and her baby, had she been carrying the two on the said day, her husband wouldn’t have been stabbed. 


Author: Ziga

I am an adventurous entrepreneur who loves adding value. I love media and everything good about it. I am a Social Media Strategist, Counselor and a Peace Lover.

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