what do I need to do to recover or heal from rape trauma?

Rape is a dreadful act which we all know, some girls/woman don’t like the pronunciation of the word rape. It is something not to be celebrated at all. It can be likened to murder. The other day a young handsome guys post was paraded on social media where he was believed to have posted a comment on his wall preaching and encouraging guys on easy tips to successful rape. The comment tagged to the young man immediately degenerated him to useless idiot because I seize to imagine how a man born of a woman in his right thinking sense who suckled his mother’s breast could wake up to drop such an inhuman post. Let me not dwell on senseless idiot who tried to encourage the dreadful act but concentrate on the victims of such act who really and genuinely need human love, care and divine healing to recover from dreadful illusion.
The experience of this act is something worth not wishing an animal not to talk of humans because the act sends the victim to the state of…………. It makes one think that the world has come to an end or that the worst has happened, that there’s no good reason to live on. It creates the illusion of becoming worthless to the victim. It might turn out to become a lifetime trauma if not well healed or if the victim couldn’t open up.



Traumatize the victim

It makes some victims hate copulation

It makes the victim to hate self in some cases

It creates feeling of hatred for the victim towards the opposite sex

It makes the victim to feel hopeless which might lead to suicide or suicide attempt.

The victim feels as if everyone is aware of her predicament as in feels uncomfortable when people looks as her with kin interest which normally makes her prone to feeling unnecessary suspicious or uncomfortable whenever people whisper and laugh as she will feel that she is the subject of discussion.
In some cases the victim might die of the shock pain and agony.

The trauma keeps reoccurring as a nightmare.

It might lead some to have change of personality and character as a decent girl can choose to become a prostitute since she feels that she has lost value in life.


  1. Nobody knows that you’ve been molested unless you open your mouth to tell them as is not written on the forehead.
  2. Life is filled with unforeseen circumstances so one should not allow circumstances you have no control over to define or affect your future.
  3. The person only violated the mortal body not your destiny, so pick up yourself bath up and move on, we all know that it is a very painful feeling most especially for young virgins and decent fellow but we don’t have to allow it define us or allow it interfere with our beautiful destiny.
  4. Avoid thinking about the incident as thinking about it increases the trauma experience.
  5. Open up to professionals, counselors and responsible fellows who can help you heal faster, don’t confide in unfaithful friends who can’t give good advice.
  6. Don’t see all men as monster because all men are not the same.
  7. Never blame yourself because it is not your fault even when it might obviously be, still don’t blame yourself because in that state you don’t deserve to be blamed.
  8. Don’t ask God why? Don’t blame God for the incident because it can be avoided and God is not responsible for our predicament just as He is not responsible for our actions.
  9. Pray to God and ask Him to heal you because He is the author and finisher.


Always have at the back of your mind that the downfall of a man is not the end of his life, so being molested in one form or the other does not mean that your life or future has been altered and remember not to indulge yourself in negative things that could cause more harm to yourself or people around you. If were a virgin before the incident you’re still a virgin after the attack as long as you willingly didn’t subject yourself to the attack.

There are beauty queens who have been involved in some dreaded sexual scandals which they willingly subjected themselves to, when your evil acts got exposed to the general public; they didn’t kill themselves so why should you do so because you’ve been attacked by an untamed lunatic? So don’t feel sorry for yourself even when it is normal to do so, it is best to heal and move on to be able to get the best partner that you deserve.

If you need someone to talk to you can send a message to zigastimeout@gmail.com, you can also send a chat message to my page www.facebook.com/zigastimeout, I will gladly respond to you just the way you deserve. Speaking up, sharing your story or experience of recovery will go a long way in helping other young people in this emotional prison to recover, so you can share your story anonymously on the comment below or send it to zigastimeout@gmail.com.

This article is not restricted to females alone because I know that some male fall victim of this act at one point or the other. It is time to heal so that we can join hands and heal others in as much help cub the ugly incident because that traumatic state is not worth being in or experiencing. As humans kindly avoid forcing someone to an act against her wish and remember that you must not be raped to show love to those affected,  let’s all make it a priority to cub this man’s inhumanity to man. 


Author: Ziga

I am an adventurous entrepreneur who loves adding value. I love media and everything good about it. I am a Social Media Strategist, Counselor and a Peace Lover.

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