This has been a bad habit I developed as a young child. The way my mum use to wake me up then made me believe that she hated me and was just being a thorn in my flesh. I didn’t realize she was molding me for the future because now I realize that when you wake up early you will be a happy person for that day and I have also come to realize that there’s is always an early morning breeze that comes with freshness, joy and happiness.

Back then in secondary school any day our school matron fail to come upstairs to our hostels to pursue us with cane, people like me will gladly continue sleeping, what remained for me to do then was to hide under the bed to sleep though I always thought of it and knew some students does that back then. Personally whatever positioned me in the state of waking up early back then I see as an obstacle. I can remember vividly that there was a time I wouldn’t even be conscious of my alarm clock, with time I started becoming aware of the alarm but will definitely stand up, put it off just to continue the sleep from where I stopped. Did I say that I used different methods to stop my waking up late? I will always set the first alarm at 4:30am, second at 5 o’clock, third alarm at 5:30 am, fourth alarm at 6am and last one at 6:30 am but still none could wake me. My mum will always disturb me then, because the alarm disturbs her sleep especially the ones I place earlier adding that my phone will always snooze, it was her disturbance that made me learn how to start standing up to turn the alarm off and continue sleeping.


In all these travails I noticed that when there’s serious need for me to wake up early for something very important, I might gladly wake up without much of external assistance other than my alarm clock. I also noticed that whenever I wake up early for that whole day, I feel good no feeling of depression at all.

Gradually I began to realize as an adult that waking up early is something good and it gives me happiness though it was a difficult task for me to cultivate the habit of early bird, sometimes I quarrel myself for not waking up early and even people around me who were supposed to have waked me but didn’t, though we all know that even if they try waking me they will not succeed because I will gladly stand up to make them believe I have fully wake and still go back to bed.

The honest truth is that any day I wake up later than 8 o’clock in the morning, I always hate myself for the rest of the day because I feel bad for not waking up early just like others. I personally advised myself to wake up early but still couldn’t help it, with time I was able to understand that hating my beautiful self will not help me achieve what I want rather accepting myself and seeing that habit as a weakness which will be worked on. With this last advice I was able wake up earlier than 8 o’clock any day I wake before 7 I will congratulate myself for the job well done. I began to encourage myself and was so determined to cultivate this good habit because I admire those who wake up early so much because I see it as something worth emulating. 

It dawned on me that my turning point commenced when I accepted myself for who I was and started loving myself with my weakness and stopped receiving reprimand from members of the family. The kind of love I show myself anytime I wake up not minding the hour instead of to hate made me strive to get up earlier the next day as this helped me majorly to break off the bad habit. Presently I always wake up before my alarm clock not minding that I go to sleep around mid-night, sometimes I will be asking myself if is not already day break as I feel the night being too long unlike too short I use to feel before.

I personally choose to share my story to encourage people who have this past habit of mine because I know how it feel especially if you’re a young lady.

The first step is to acknowledge yourself.

Show yourself love not hate.

Encourage people around you to show you love or let you be rather than hate speech or scornful words.

Use your alarm clock, please always keep it a little bit far from you which will always require you to stand up if you must put it off.

Have it at the back of your mind that it is a gradual process not a day’s job as the habit wasn’t cultivated in a day.

From my experience I can boldly state that other bad habits can be broken if you set your mind to it, giving enough love to yourself and also getting enough love and encouragement from people around you rather than hate, nag or scorn.

If you’ve battled with breaking a habit in the past kindly share your experience with us on the comment box. 



Author: Ziga

I am an adventurous entrepreneur who loves adding value. I love media and everything good about it. I am a Social Media Strategist, Counselor and a Peace Lover.


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