Hyper Lactation Syndrome turns woman Breast Philanthropist

Have you heard of Hyper Lactation Syndrome? This is a condition where the body produces excessive amount of breast milk than normal breast milk production. This doesn’t mean that the woman is sick though it might be little bit discomforting with signs of plugged ducts or mastitics. A woman under this condition may feel pain in her breast during letdown. Another effect from this condition is that when a baby is well fed,  the baby has the tendency of playing with the nipple which might cause soreness. While some mothers seek for medical attention or use different measures to control hyper lactation syndrome a breast milk philanthropists Mrs Elizabeth Anderson- Sierra who is well known in Oregon choose to put up her breast milk for donation. She has been able to produce over 5000 ounces of breastmilk, 1.375 gallons daily and has already donated 700 gallons of breastmilk which is twice the world record.  I feel this is wonderfully an exceptional way to add value to the world and most especially impacting in babies lives than opting for breast implants as mostly done by some female.  What a decent way to break world’s record! Listen to her talk of her experience after the cut as she feels it is a way of life. 


Author: Ziga

I am an adventurous entrepreneur who loves adding value. I love media and everything good about it. I am a Social Media Strategist, Counselor and a Peace Lover.

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