Sex is a very important topic that everyone wish to talk about but most times most people seems to shy away from it and most pretend to be more righteous than God himself to talk about it. The truth be told sex is very sweet, talking in a friend’s voice. Sex is good as it defines life, is nothing to shy away from. If you’re too shy to discuss sex, try as much as you can to control the shyness. Then if you’re too righteous not talk about sex, please face the reality and remember God created sex so there is no need for pretense.


Sex defines life and is created by God, if is bad God wouldn’t have taken the pain and time to create sex so consider sex as something good. Absence of sex gives no meaning to life and there wouldn’t be life without sex just as the almighty ordained it. The only thing bad about sex is you and your approach towards sex. Sex is not what should be taken for granted as life is not meant to be taken for granted. There are laws that govern the actions of the universe and so is sex, when you don’t observe the laws of wealth, you wouldn’t attract it and so is sex when you don’t observe the laws that govern sex, it brings about regrets and pains.

Life is a process, so is wealth, so is sex and everything in the universe. When a child is born, the child goes through a process to become an adult, you start by feeding him with baby’s food, to children’s food and then to adult’s food. If you don’t understand the laws and principles of wealth when you jam money the money will not be managed well by you and this makes some people to hit money and within a short period of time they fall back to abject poverty state again. When a baby is not feed with baby’s food but rather adult’s food the baby’s tender body will find it extremely difficult to adapt as it is normal to move a baby from liquid to solid (one step at a time) and this also applies to sex.

When someone is not matured enough to handle sex it becomes a havoc to the person and might even be to the society at large. Sex is designed to happen between a man and a woman and not between a boy and a girl. A man is a matured adult boy and a woman is a matured adult girl. Sex is not designed to be the 1st point of call in a relationship. The creator of sex who created it for a very good purpose designed sex to be introduced in marriage between a man and a woman and God has a reason for doing so. Just like I said earlier there are laws that govern everything in the universe and if followed dually will give you maximum good results. When you follow the decency law that governs sex, you will see that it will be very difficult for your spouse to cheat on you because you will be the only partner he/she will know. There is a spirit behind every law of the universe to make it work for or against you, so attract what you deserve.

Observing the decent law which govern sex will help you build a strong relationship without sex and at most give your relationship a strong good definition before introducing sex to seal the bond. When we all observe the decent law of sex unsolicited sexual transmitted diseases will be averted, unsolicited babies will be curbed, unsolicited tarnishing of images will be avoided, unnecessary disruption of destinies will be avoided, unnecessary heartbreak will be averted and we will learn to accord our bodies the required respect it deserves and our moral standard will be appealing.


It will be very necessary to understand that it is very normal to have sexual urge because we are sexual beings but what makes us normal human is our ability to have self-control. Self-control is the most treasured gift in observing various laws of the universe as it promotes discipline. As normal human beings we deserve good things and good things comes with as prize which makes it to yield a very good rewarding results enviable by others. It is abnormal to go for a reward when you haven’t paid the full prize, now to the question ‘Sex! is it worth waiting for?’ ask yourself ‘Are you normal or abnormal?’ any who finds self in the latter state, it is advisable to seek council and retrace steps to achieve the dream of living a fulfilling and satisfying life especially in a long lasting relationship.


Author: Ziga

I am an adventurous entrepreneur who loves adding value. I love media and everything good about it. I am a Social Media Strategist, Counselor and a Peace Lover.

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