Commence from He smiled back and gave out a sigh of relief, with that he asked me if I wanted something cold like ice-cream, I quickly accepted the offer as I was damned thirsty. He introduced himself as Mike the perfect guy kept ringing bell in my brain I am Ziga came my response. Mike inquired if I could be able to walk which I responded yes to, finding our way to the ice cream stand was very easy as I was so used to the mall. Soon we were able to get along he made me understood that he was there because he needed to replace his roll on. I used that opportunity to make him realize how bored up I was in the house and needed some fresh air (and also look around for the perfect guy).

We were the center of attraction at the mall as everyone around assumed we had known ourselves for ages, ladies among them wore the look of envy on their faces as it was obviously written. Mike was such a homely guy, the dream guy of every lady, within the shortest space of time I was able to pick up much information about him as he doesn’t smoke, doesn’t womanize, drinks when necessary and above all God fearing, hardworking guy with money and still full of vision. He has this personal believe of respecting the feminine gender and giving them the best. That day was such a great day having my friendly outing with Mike within a little space of time I was able to know almost everything about him as he was such an open person, I had already loved and admired  everything about him.

It was so much fun for me that I so wished we kept on with the gist till infinity, but it was time for me to go home at most am back to life after the funny act up of my immature boyfriend which landed me to my perfect guy Oh my! This is such a dream come true, I summoned courage as that means nothing to me to tell Mike that I have to go home and get ready for work the next day.

He offered to drive me home, of course you wouldn’t expect me to object to that offer, on our way home he was still manning the discussion to my advantage menh! As he was driving and talking I comfortably relaxed to watch him with the same kind of interest I used up in watching that Mexican movie “don’t mess with an angel”. Surprisingly he started telling me about girls of our present generation all wanting a perfect guy, I was like but…..(don’t even know what to say) as he continues to narrate to me how most girls want a well-made guy, comfortable in life, who will pamper them and solve all their insatiable needs and unending desires. He told me that the annoying part of it was that most of the girls who have men of these great qualities hardly appreciate them, that some still go to the extent of becoming unfaithful to these most wanted perfect guys. I was busy drinking in his handsomeness that I was unable to pick up other things he said. A last we were in front of my rented apartment I signaled him that we were already at my destination thank god I wasn’t carried away as he pulled over in front of my compound, he turned his face towards mine with the most handsome smile I have ever seen( oh my gosh). He has a distinct cheek bone and an angular jaw, his perfect lips were ripe for kissing. I had already settled my mind for this heaven made tantalizing kiss when he whispered to my hearing with his deep baritone voice “I hope you’re not one of those girls I have been telling you about? This brought me back from cloud 10, he went on to tell me that we all are creators and our creator (God) created us all and called us perfect (in his likeness) so with this in mind every guy is perfect.

Mike instructed me to inform my fellow girls that every guy is perfect we should help the guy discover his perfect being, by accepting him the way he is, showing him love, supporting him to bring out that perfect nature that I was admiring in him. Mike told me finally that I was his type of woman, he confessed loving my appearance immediately he set his eyes on me, and he bent over to give me the long awaited kiss finally I woke up.




Author: Ziga

I am an adventurous entrepreneur who loves adding value. I love media and everything good about it. I am a Social Media Strategist, Counselor and a Peace Lover.

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