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By: Nazor Evan


Handsome is not well defined! Cuteness makes no sense! Over-correct is still not the right word, what then? Let’s take to description: He is 6ft plus, slim, muscular with an almost perfectly symmetrical face. He has an African heritage that shows in his features and body appearance. Got that brown Adonis skin going on dark eyes which weakens one at the knees. He has strong arched brows and eyelashes so thick, this made his eyes so deep and catastrophic with dazzling sense of appeal, the eyes when fixed on you will make you lose absolute control with no intention of getting back in order. His movement is liken to that of the Greek god Euro, he moves with glamour like a leopard taking a stroll with steps well-articulated. He has the look of someone with the heart of a lion and soul of an angel.

On that faithful day I was so bored up in the house as a single girl who is not so much into female friends and originally fade up with the immature put up of my boyfriend which made me set my mind to meeting a perfect guy (surely I did ). As a simple traditional fellow I picked up my most casual outfit with no make-up as usual and grabbed my hunter’s bag with some little cash inside, I headed for the bus stop. On getting to my destination I alighted from the cab, paid the taxi driver his money, I had my sun glasses on as it was a lovely sunny day, this particular Shop rite is believed to be the biggest or do I say the largest in Africa situated at the heart of Ibadan. Great excitement over shadowed me as I was just so happy from within without knowing the reason, on my few steps into the mall the great scene began.

This guy just alighted from what I don’t know if that’s the latest hummer in fact this one must be hammer! As I have never seen such hummer before, with the full view of the guy my heart beat relocated or do I say it tripled, in fact I lost count. I was still battling to come back to consciousness when the dazzling eyes was now set on me oh my! I lost…..

I heard a unique voice with golden echo saying hello baby are you alright? I wanted to open my mouth and talk but nothing seems to be functional on my body system any longer. After what appeared like eternity I was able to open my eyes to still behold the astonishing features which made me lose consciousness. This time around he was sitting close to me holding me close to his side (heaven!). The voice came again, baby what happened? You lost consciousness, why did you have to come all out alone knowing fully well that you’re not okay? With a frog like crock I managed to stutter I..a..a….am…am ok. Are you sure you are okay? This time around my heart have started functioning normal and I have become aware of my environment and suddenly I become that traditional girl I used to know, with a smile on my face I was able to reply, “I am fine thank you”…….To be Continued


Author: Ziga

I am an adventurous entrepreneur who loves adding value. I love media and everything good about it. I am a Social Media Strategist, Counselor and a Peace Lover.

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