Is over 5 months that many Nigerians lost fortune on the notorious ponzi schemes, few Nigerians were sensitive not to venture into such schemes but the over zealous majority saw them as week @ heart who weren’t strong enough to venture into serious investment.  Most of these zealous moguls convinced themselves that investment is all about taking risk!

Correct, you’re right here because investment involves risk. But there are risks that are stupid and foolish,  it can just be likened to using a head bridge,  because there’s traffic jam on the head bridge you now choose to jump into the river just to swim across in bit to avoid traffic jam whereas you don’t know how to swim neither do you have a boat.

Am not trying to cajole anybody here just trying to help us understand the source of the problem and provide solution to it.

Source of the Problem

  1. Quest to get rich quick without work.

  2. Greed.

  3. Laziness. 

  4. Lack of vision.

  5. Ignorance. 

  6. Conformity just because others are doing. 


Structure of a good business that has come to stay.

The best solution is to move on, forget the loss I know is not easy but the best is yet to come, having stumbled into this write up shows that there’s a silver lining. 
1. Get rich quick schemes doesn’t work.
2. There’s no how you can reap where you didn’t sow. 
3. Money doubling schemes are fake.
4. To make money transaction must go on, is either you sell goods or services then you make money or you leverage on other people’s transactions. 
5. If you have a mobile phone and you’re not making money from it, you need to wake up.
6. Internet is not full of scams, you make your choice on what to do on the internet.
7. You need to get connected with the right people and the right business. 
8. Get a positive mindset try to watch this life transforming video https://youtu.be/HM8NVHBeDDk


Author: Ziga

I am an adventurous entrepreneur who loves adding value. I love media and everything good about it. I am a Social Media Strategist, Counselor and a Peace Lover.

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