Not all men are the same from statistics not all men cheat so it depends on individual: Lack of love could be one of the reason, so as a woman you just have to be careful and know what your man want and also know if he actually want you.


As a result of the woman’s fault such as situation whereby the woman nags a lot and doesn’t respect the guy as a man. A woman denying her man sex.


It is a style of life, some live with love while some are haters, cheaters are haters, anybody that is a cheater is a failure. So cheater is not from God, a cheater is a thief, they cheat because they are not contented with what they have.


LAUGHS…. When the wife doesn’t satisfy him, the wife is dirty, when the wife always deny him sex…. An unsatisfyable man even if he marries twenty wives he will still look outside.


When the girl is too demanding without reciprocating it makes the guy to go out and find  another girl who meets his match and this behavior makes the guy see the girl as sex material which means just using the girl in question and dropping her. When the woman is not submissive and obedient (especially in the issue of marriage). Lack of respect and understanding in a relationship.


The reason why some men cheat on their wife or girlfriend is when the woman is dirty. Some women don’t know how to cook food (sorry to say this). Insincerity from a woman will make a man look outside. When the woman is over demanding.


How the girl handles the guy, probably the girl’s infidelity to some extend in the guy’s absence


Cheating is a serious problem which could lead to divorce or a breakup, above are different men’s reasons for cheating in a relationship so is necessary both parties carefully accept their weaknesses and make corrections where need be most especially on the side of the female. If you have bias mind about the above reasons kindly comment your own reason below as it will a thousand times be of help to a sister or a brother in a serious relationship infidelity problem, if you have issue that you might want us to discuss on this platform kindly forward it to our email and also for your contributions to be published on our next topic why do women cheat in a relationship.



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