Our Culture Our Pride

It’s no longer news that culture is the people’s way of life. People from different parts of the world have diverse cultures and norms that keeps them going and on the same note spice up their life. They spicy nature of people’s culture actually brings a whole lot of entertainment to both the society in question and visitors that gets attracted to the culture. In Nigeria there are cultural differences that attracts people from different parts of the world just like the Calabar is well known for it’s Carnival. ….. This cultural festival attracts massive return of people of Calabar and tourist from different parts of the world, same thing goes to Ofala festivals in the eastern part of Nigeria pinning it down to the town Nnewi popularly known as the Japan of Africa.

2016 Nnewi Ofala Festival clip by Ziga
Ofala Festival is a time Nnewi  have massive return of her people just like Calabar  Carnival. The Igwe presently  His Royal Highness Igwe Kenneth Nwafor Orizu the 3rd will comfortably sit on his throne to receive people from different Kingdoms who comes to pay homage to him, people come with different gifts to greet the Igwe. What makes it fun is that masquerades from different Kingdoms come to exhibit their dancing skills and expertise, people come out at large as well to witness the event. It is actually a special day in the life of people of Nnewi most especially His Royal Highness, as is going to be a privilege for the people of his Kingdom to see him face to face as well as him see them. People that loves and truly appreciate their culture always look forward to that day. The Ofala festival of 2016 was unique in its own way, the event was thrown aglow when the oil merchant Dr. Ifeanyi Uba the son of the soil graced the occasion with his entourage and some foreign business partners Angus Kinnear who is currently the Managing Director of West Ham United. The exhibition or parading of the masquerades actually do have sequence some masquerade goes before the other but as the tradition have it Ajo ofia (evil forest) is always the last masquerade to parade itself, the masquerade that produces smoke from its head as in smoke without fire. This event actually attract a lot of business tycoon who also sponsor the event like Ibeto Group, Innoson, Kotec, tummy tummy noodles, chikason group and many more. Below is the photo gallery of 2016 Nnewi’s 53rd Ofala festival sponsors and goodwill messages




A monumental structure of Igwe Orizu de 1st …Eze Ugbo Nyamba

Free Stlye of Palace front view


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